Scam report about catherine lorezo

First name:  catherine
Last name:  lorezo
Aka:  raine catrell cruise
Age:  23
Location:  angeles, pampanga,philippines
On websites:,
Report:  this woman pretend to be honest and kind. she is an expert in lying and pretending,. i helped this woman and visited her in philippines.bought her a cheap car, supported her but then she was a liar.a scammer. i have found out during the times i am sending her money, she is having 2 filipino bf at the same time and also she is fucking around with other guys aside from 2 filipino. she has friends and i found out she lost all of them bcoz she is a traitor and a user.she tried to destroyed her friend towards its bf but she did not succeeded.she had affair with her friend's bf too.she soon knew my wife is trying to reconcile with me before our divorce and then this woman contacted my wife asking her money so she will stop me and everyday she has to pay bills, bring her daughter here and help her with so many things.i helped her about her daughter but i soon knew she never ever gave anything to her daughter even a pair of socks. catherine is active in and username ''rainwatch''. beware of this woman.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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