Scam report about Dolly Anthony

First name:  Dolly
Last name:  Anthony
Age:  28
Location:  Asheville Nc
On websites:
Report:  Hello Thank you for your reply.. I don't have problem as long as you turn out to be the right one in my life that is what i really need to know, please tell me are you looking for a serious relationship someone you want to have a life with or you just need someone to spend time here with i don't mean to sound this way, i just want you to know am a serious woman and looking for someone to spend the rest of my life with and you should know what you are getting involve in, if you are not ready let me know, i am self employed i buy and sell Artworks, i live in Asheville Nc , i have been alone for a long time without no love partner in my life i stood up after a long time thinking why am i hurting my self this way i need a life so i did try this site cos i believe i can get what am really looking for here someone nice and sincere that way i can have a life again so i did and i came across your profile i think is what am looking for you are looking for too, i like taking walk when am less busy and will love to do so with someone special like you, i like fishing too i think it will be great we do that someday,i have been looking for that special person in my life so i decided now to move on and forget the past keep it away that is why am here on this internet dating, am new in this internet thing and hope to make something good out of it,i will love you to tell me about yourself, hope to read from you again.. Dolly 2:17:23 PM dollyanthony28: No am here 2:18:01 PM dollyanthony28: am a single lady looking fr the lpve of my life 2:18:10 PM dollyanthony28: i never new my dad all i have is my mom 2:18:33 PM dollyanthony28: i love taking a walk when am less busy i love fishing but not deep sea fishing 2:19:07 PM dollyanthony28: am in nigeria at the moment with my fostre mom cos she need a kidney transplant cos she has a renal failure . . . . . 2:20:45 PM dollyanthony28: no 2:20:51 PM dollyanthony28: she still sick 2:21:00 PM dollyanthony28: i love your family how you describe them 2:21:07 PM dollyanthony28: what country are you inn . . . . . 2:39:53 PM dollyanthony28: can you help me sweet 2:40:24 PM dollyanthony28: i need to help my mo for her opertaion and the doctors are asking for money cos the said is the company policy before the opertaion can be done 2:40:47 PM dollyanthony28: but i dont have any one that can help i have asked and search no way can you help me . . . 2:42:55 PM dollyanthony28: so when will you be bale to get it ? 2:43:02 PM dollyanthony28: and ho much can yo help me with 2:43:15 PM dollyanthony28: how much is 47500 . . . . 2:51:06 PM dollyanthony28: judt tell me when you will be online how many hours from now 2:51:10 PM dollyanthony28: ok 2:51:24 PM dollyanthony28: Hon but can you send me some money tomorrow so i can feed here 2:51:27 PM dollyanthony28: ?

Status of report:  is still without proof

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