Scam report about Olga Andusek

First name:  Olga
Last name:  Andusek
Age:  23
Location:  Ukraine, lugansk, lysichansk, Starobelsk
On websites:  LL network
Report:  I corresponded with Olga for about 3 months, everything seem legit until I went to see her in Lugansk. In the letters she never asked for money or presents, but I was a little worried because I read before about woman bringing foreigners to Ukraine and making the spend thousands od dollars in gifts and more. I arrived in Donetsk, she was there with 2 women, her Mom and sister. We went to Lugansk in a taxi they hired from Lugansk, I spent 300 dollars in fees, the driver seemed to know the mother. After that all went down hill. They rented an apartment for me, 80 dollars a day in a rundown building, however the apartment was decent. We went to pay the woman owner, which I recognized from a photo Olga sent to me in a pool. I gave her 400 dlls for 5 days. After all this happened everyday they came mother sister and Olga in a taxi hired by them without asking me, the taxi was like a limo service hired for the whole day. Every day 60 dollars at least, and again every driver seemed to know Olgas Mom. second day, the sister asked me why I did not like Olga, I said why do you say that? she said you must buy a present for her, Olga said I saw something in a store, we went and it was a letter jacket the price almost 900 Dollars. I said no, but like a child insisted. Again without asking me they went shopping for groceries in a place called METRO, like a Costco or BJ's where you buy in bulk, they grabed so much stuff we went to the register almost 300 dlls, I said I only need a few things for me...they said please pay it's for the apartment. Every day we were stopping in shops and they were browsing looking at me expecting to offer to pay, I just left every store and went for a walk, I was not paying for their stuff. Also without asking they were telling the cab driver were to stop for dinner or lunch, very expensive restaurants. Almost 200 dlls for 4 people every time. I never had time alone with Olga, never asked me a question about me, my life nothing, just came at noon all of them, and we went out to eat and shopping and they were leaving at 5 or 6 p.m, after that I was on my own. Last day I got into an argument with the mother because she was asking for me to give Olga money fo a passport to come to the USA. I said to her as soon as I am in the USA, I will send money western union, which I saw many offices in Lugansk, I just needed an excuse to get out of the situation. I must said they never showed me the city or important site, they were just shopping and running errands, taking advantage of me paying for the taxi. I wanted to leave since the second day, but I did not have a phone number for a taxi cab company, or a person to help me with the language. They all seemed to be connected in a way to make money out of a visitor. I know the lady with the apartment it's a friend of theirs, the drivers seemed to be familiar with the Mom, and everytime they came to see me, they had a plan were to go shopping, expecting me to pay. Restaurants and entertainment very expensive, again expecting me to pay. Be careful and avoid this traps.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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