SCAM REPORT ABOUT  ismat mikail

First name: ismat
Last name: mikail
Age: 29
Location: London, UK
Address: 24 Pittville Gardens, London, United Kingdom
Phone: +447536768989
On websites:
Report:     scammer claims to be a model, 29 years old. currently brought to london for some shooting. she contacts you from the dating site but quickly shifts to regular email correspondence through gmail. first 3~4 emails she lays the ground work to gain the potential victim's trust. a few days later she pretends to be stuck in a hotel where she can't make the payment for her stay. she sends you a copy of the hotel bill. then she sends you her details and asks you to send the money through western union or moneygram. the hotel is fake, including it's website. it's address appears to be dingy townhouse in a suburb on google maps. she does not accept someone else to bring the money & hand it over manually. it's either western union (moneygram) or nothing. she pretends to be upset with you because you don't trust her. she doesn't want you to find out there's no such hotel, and the address is her own her address.
Status of report: will be added soon