SCAM REPORT ABOUT  Svitlana rumaintseva

First name: Svitlana
Last name: rumaintseva
Age: 32
Location: Ukraine - Odessa
Address: Bazarna street 70
Phone: 00380973359506
On websites:
Report:     Well I know this girl from Then I went to meet here in Ukraine then it happened to come to my hotel and do Spa.. When she went to Spa then she took by 1000 creams and other staff and said I did spa only. Then I get mad and left .. After I arrived my country she started apologize . I trust her then started to send her money every two weeks 500$ . We decide to meet in Dubai. I did visa for her and ticket and sent her money and made hotel. In the day of traveling she went at the airport and tried to get refund the money cash but they refused to gave her bcuz I paid it using my credit card.. Then she told me the immigration prevent her to go bcu does not have enough money so she told me to send her right away money. Well I did not believe her. Then I was not sure that is true or not .. But I was stupid to believe her again and sent her more money as I used to do. Last thing I was going to Guangzhou China and she told me want to go with me. I sent her 2500$ and that was all never answered me and changed her number.
Status of report: is still without proof