Scam report about Deborah Hunts

First name:  Deborah
Last name:  Hunts
Age:  36
Location:  Lagos, Nigeria Houston, Texas
On websites:  speeddate
Report:  Deborah contacted me through a dating website and everything was going along fine until she told me that she was robbed at a bus stop along with a couple of friends. She waited a couple of days before asking for money which I did not send. She also e-mailed a copy of her passport, (unsigned of course and a fake one at that) and a copy af a paycheck she said she could not cash because it was written on an American bank, but if you know anything about banks any bank anywhere in the world will cash a check as long as they can confirm the funds and opening an account in their bank also helps. She supposedly lives in Houston Texas and needed money to pay for the plane ticket she booked which she also e-mailed me a copy of. Watch out for this one.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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