Aka:  marc, mark, Porter, BAIDOO
Age:  33
Address:  Olanrewaju Ladejo 108/9 Canary Street, Accra, Ghana 00233,,Regina Baidoo 37 Wana Rd St Accra Ghana 00233
Phone:  ELizabeth Poter (403)265-7944 supposely Bistro Marc, number but home phone Andrew Chandler 0012348
Email:  Lizzy Andrew Andrew LIZZY
On websites:  ARE YOU INTERESTED (On Facebook)
Report:  First MET and Video Chatted with Regiina Shef, Love me till death, needs money for internet service and 500. to fly to US still left. Love at First Site and first chat, Money, Money sent her 2(50.00) West Union Money Transfer and then wanted money for Food. Then mom in Hospital Met Lanre Ladejo On Are You Interested Love at Fist Sight, Wasn't interested in money at First and then wanted 120. to save her apartment. Agreed to be Partner on Facebook and chatted everyday, but did not video chat with her. Says she is cook and found boyfriend in bed having sex with another women. Met Lizzy/Donald who became Lizzy Clark later.. Met right away after coming home from Hospital. Signed on as Lizzy/donlad and then changed it to Lizzy/Donald. Has relationship with Mark Lizzoti thus (Lizzy/Mark) works at Marcel Bristo thus (Lizzy/Marc) Phone number listed is her home phone number After video chatting with Lizzy She wanted to chat with me only on Yahoo Messenger and wanted my home phone number. She wanted my password to clean out my Rubbish on my home page So I gave it to her.. I block her as Lizzy/Donald and she came back crying. She just changed her name to LIZZY/CLARK and installed a 8A Self Service Support Plus which allowed them to view the websites we visited and Try to gain assess to my bank account. They changed my account number so I would think that I was signing into my own site. They also changed Google Chrome and My bank site TO fool me if I got in. I deleted the remote control assess program but they has password so I wound up cancelling my account due to this and lost 100.00 Once I figure out what happened they send me Naked Picture of Regina in a Fake Yahoo account I set up to investigated. I have closed this site and told them to bug off. I still don't have access to my Old Facebook Account which I believe they may still be using. Real Name: Elizabeth Porter Alberta Canada, All 3 girls ARE ONE GIRL and Andy Chandler has wife as Regina Baidoo, to pick up money Transfers. Fake Passprt of Regina Baidoo I believe. ALL THREE GIRLS ARE ONE and there are many more names and FACEBOOK ACCOUNTS. I truely Believe the one girl existed and is LIZZY PORTER not Lizzy Clark 403-265-7944 The BISTRO MARCEL IS WHERE SHE WORKS ALSO I BELIEVE SHE DID POLICE CHECK ON ME six weeks earlier.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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