Scam report about Kseniya Dulzon

First name:  Kseniya
Last name:  Dulzon
Aka:  Galina
Age:  24
Location:  Russia tomsk Tomskaya oblast
On websites:  --unknown--
Report:  hello i was in love well we all are but thank god i did two things wrong i am low payed worker and 2nd i browse just now to see about the address she sended me i felt sad but im thankful to the whole team of this site she started the first letter i don't know from where she have my e-mail but sadly i am victum i decided to do this report because of the others like me the ones who are fools enough to have the money and to send them to the scammer she sended me alot photos sadly i cannot donate to the site for a 17$ but i will report her she was in love and wanted to come and study in our country bulgaria i've should started to think with my head instead my dick but sadly i didn't had dreams and etc i feel at this moment like a fool but i feel burden on me that i need to do this report she started around 3 weeks or so i don't know what to do but i will let he think she is still kidding me :D so far she wanted from me 240$ for visa before around 2 or 2 .5 weeks not sure now her new price is 376usd i didn't sended her any money and i thank god you made this site i still have around 2 more brides from this kind but im not sure if they are scammers or not i write to you aabout kseniya because i saw her exact same photo as she sended me not long before exacly the same from this site which you or any like me posted i writed the information which i know and i hope that people like her will get the deserved to be alone and never ever feel heart beating for her 3. i corresponce w ith the scammer from around, maybe more than 4 - 5 weeks 4. well even idiot with head in his ass would notice that she falled in love with him on the second or 3rd letter which is sad and suspicious 5. she wanted 1st money for visa 240 usd not great at geographic but i know that russia still doesn't use usd it uses euro and from bulgaria till russia you need only id card and some money food etc... 6.she was the receiver well she didnt received even 1 usd from me the request for the money was around 3 -4 maybe \5 times for 240 then she raised on 376 after 2 weeks

Status of report:  is still without proof

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