Scam report about Lauren Mark

First name:  Lauren
Last name:  Mark
Age:  unknown
Location:  London, United Kingdom
Address:  401 Clamshire drive, higbury
Phone:  447011128916
On websites:  No website except bankcaixax info
Report:  Her scam is she has a inheritance and has money coming if you become a beneficiary you get some of the funds but you have to pay first. The funds are in her late dad's bank bankcaixax a spanish bank I think the people behind this are fraud as well. They promise you and don't keep their promise nothing but lies. Some pictures on the bank site make it look real but the names are changed from the last time I looked at it. Found out they have a branch in NIgeria so I believe it is phony. She claims it is the largest bank in the UK.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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