SCAM REPORT ABOUT  barezil jibrila

First name: barezil
Last name: jibrila
Aka: melissa harrinton (she uses her photos shes a pron star)
Age: 30-33
Location: ghana,accura
Phone: 233260951709
On websites: yahoo and im sure others
Report:     she or he..... says she went to live with her mother in ghana and from miami,she says she was a porn star but no more and needs money to come to who ever shes writing too?she has photos of mellissa harrignton, or go to site millissamidwest?you will see the real girl,this is a guy i think who useing her photos even if you call he will have much noise in back ground as he trys to sound like a women and talk to you,you cant understand him at all!! so all do your homework and always try to search all info down someway or google it all names ,states,countrys,address?and meor do not send money to these girls or fakes!!!thanks
Status of report: is still without proof