Scam report about ekaterina evseeva

First name:  ekaterina
Last name:  evseeva
Age:  30
Location:  Russia. Omsk and Irkutsk
Report:  Hi.I must apologise. I do not have any old e-mails from her.My name is Andrew Say. I live in Blackpool in the UK.Some newer ones that you may find of use. I no longer have any pictures of her either. It was about May this year we were in touch.I do not remember which dating app that I bumped into her on. She soon insisted we get in touch via e-mail. I sent a few pics, she sent lots over coming weeks. She told me that lived in Omsk in Russia with mother. Then within a few months lived in Irkutsk with grandmother. Her father had died previously. We got to know each other, and was lots of correspondence up until September. She told me was poor, and just finished working in a mall in clothes shop. Before that had trained for health sector at university. I suggested meeting her over there. But her mother said foreigners only meet women for sex, nothing else. It was me who suggested she come here. Also proposed giving her money to fund a visa, passport etc. About 500. She gave me bank details to send the money. I got money by stealing from my ill mother. Because Katy would not wait long.Also i was besotted with her. She is very charming. I can see that from seeing other peoples reports on her. I never sent money because got into trouble with police, and had to go to court. Ekaterina was angry that I let her down so stopped writing to me. I continued to write out of desperation or hope. She sent a few messages since, which I have. Would gladly send them to you. I am sorry cannot be of more help. I hope this is of some use to you.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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