Scam report about NASIM BUKSH

First name:  NASIM
Last name:  BUKSH
Age:  46
Phone:  916-509-6414
On websites:  india
Report:  I met this lady oln india had all the right words for a man who had just went through a terriable marriage and divorced. She also claimed to have been through a rough marriage, being beaten and raped repeatly by her ex husband.Then she started telling me how she needed things and asked me if i can help her, she promised to re pay me later.Things included clothes, jewellery, electroinc , and of course money, which she promised to reinburse me later, but always had a good excuse when i asked her for reibursement. Then one day she stopped answering her phone, never returning my calls nor paying back what she borrowed. I was scammed over $5000 from this lady.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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