SCAM REPORT ABOUT  Eugene Nana Korankye

First name: Eugene Nana
Last name: Korankye
Age: 37
Location: Tawkwa, Ghana
Address: P.O. Box AN, 7474 Accra-North, Ghana
Phone: +233-543567277
On websites:
Report:     We, SAT & HLR OIL, LLC, are a U.S. energy & commodity trading company. Last year, we were introduced to one gold seller, Eugene Nana Korankye, the cousin of Alexander Korankye, in Ghana. This April, he proposed to send 5Kgs, if I wire some money for export documents. So, we wired U$400 to his company (Spiodikal Company Ltd.) account first and additional U$5,700 to his younger brothers bank account as the attached wire receipts. His younger brothers name is Kwame Korankye. However, unfortunately, he didnt send the promised 5Kgs gold for the last 5 months. Still, he promises everyday he will send 5Kgs tomorrow, next week, and next month. So, we have been waiting for him for 5 months. His trick is exactly same as his cousin, Alexander Korankye. So, we think Eugene Nana Korankye and Alexander Korankye as well as his brother, Kwame Korankye and his agent, George Sweeny Joseph are all one scamming team. We will submit a separate criminal report about Alexander Korankye and this report is the second one about the criminal team. Recently, they say Alexander Korankye has been arrested in Lome, Togo because he tried to sell undocumented gold in Togo about two weeks ago. Eventually, we recently requested him to refund our money. But he said everyday he wired the money but it was a lie. He lies and tells stories every day until now. So, we concluded he is a 100% fake criminal and decided to report this criminal case to your esteemed Ghana Police Criminal Investigation Department. We have been trying to get our money back from this fake seller so far. But he lies everyday and has dragged our business for the last 5 months. His name is Eugene Nana Korankye. His number is 0543-567-277. I think he lives near Tarkwa. His office in Accra is at P.O. Box AN, 7474 Accra-North, Ghana. His agent is George Sweeny Joseph and his phone number is 0204239714. I think we need to arrest him also. George recently sent fake bank documents to us as the attached fake wire slip. Please find his passport copy, his company (Spiodikal Company Ltd.) legal documents and the fake shipping documents he sent to me so far. Please enforce him, his scamming team members, and the agent by Police power first for them to refund our money.
Status of report: is still without proof