SCAM REPORT ABOUT  Irina Bozshkova

First name: Irina
Last name: Bozshkova
Aka: irina.irinashka
Age: 29
Location: Ukraine, Kherson
Address: 75 Lenina, Kherson
Phone: +380501014612
On websites:
Report:     Contact was initiated by Irina via interbride. Messages contained her skype address. We used Skype for all contact apart from SMS, we corresponded for 2 weeks before we met in Odessa, Ukraine. She was great during the meeting in Odessa. The initial request for money was for her passport application which was $250, this was after the weekend in Odessa so she could come to Britiain. This request was followed by a story of her Grandmother was ill and needed $150 for her medication. The next request was for money for her birthday party on 20 September, I sent $50 and was admonished as this not being enough for a McDonalds and I sent a further $100. Next was the request for $250 for the cost of transfer from Odessa airport to Kherson when we meet again, along with $65 for one night in an apartment with the further $585 being paid on arrival. The taxi was eventually a car driven by her Cousin or Sister called Anna. When we met for the second time I was driven to Kherson. Irina demanded 10 days rent for the apartment even though I would only be there for 9 nights and followed these demands with the demand for a new mobile telephone at 4779 HRV. When I refused to pay for this phone I was called a sex tourist and she walked off. If I was to continue to stay in the apartment I had paid for she demanded a deposit of 400 Euros which she would hold on my behalf!! Not likely, so I moved away from Kherson and spent the rest of my time in Ukraine with an old friend.
Status of report: is still without proof