Scam report about Rosefalli Falli Fiae

First name:  Rosefalli Falli
Last name:  Fiae
Age:  24 yrs
Location:  Dakar,Senegal
On websites:  Facebook
Report:  I was nearlly con by this scammer,luckly I didn't fall for her tricks.She inboxed me at facebook telling me that she saw my profile and she's interested in knowing me and she asked me to reply her via email.I did that and that how she started telling me her full life story.She told me that she is in refugee camp in Dakar but she is from Sudan.She said her parents were killed and her father was a former head of state.Now she wants me to help her transfer $7.3million that she inherited into my bank acc,in return she is guaranteeing me 15% when the transaction has been done.And that she wants to know where am I,what m I doing for life,my country and state.Fortunately my guts told me not to reply her anymore and since that day she never emailed me again.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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