Scam report about Louisza Carrey

First name:  Louisza
Last name:  Carrey
Aka:  Phyllis Yankson
Age:  33
Location:  Ghana ,Accra
Phone:  233260663368
On websites:
Report:  I was contacted in March of 2012. We had been talking almost daily for a few months when she told me a story about her apartment that she lived in with her aunt (Phyllis Yankson) had been broken into and they stole everything and stabbed her aunt. After not offering any help she finally asked me for money to help her get another place to live so I agreed and sent her $200. After going on for a few more months and talking on web cam she started talking about wanting to come and visit me and possibly stay so after a while stupid me sent her the money for an airline ticket. She sent me the information on her flight details and the day came for her to leave and she called me telling that Ghana immigration required her to pay a declaration fee of $2000. After doing a quick investigation of this online, all info said this was a fraud, so I refused and told her she was going to have to come up with it on her own. After 1 week she informed me that she had borrowed the money from a friend if I would send it back to her after she arrived and i agreed to this, only after she would arrive. She informed me that when she arrived her aunt was sending a gift with her for me but couldn't tell me what it was. The day she is suppose to be here I get a phone call from her telling me she is at the airport in New York stuck in immigration, that the gift her aunt was sending me was a large amount of gold and she did not know that's what it was and she would have to help he pay a fine because she was being accused of smuggling. I asked how much this fine was and she stated $1000. She did not want the fine sent to New York though, she wanted it sent to her aunt in Ghana. When I refused she started getting upset, so I asked why send it to Ghana she said it was illegal to take gold from there.By this point I informed her to not contact me again. So I guess I got off lucky only being out less then $3000. This person also is on a facebook account under this name.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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