Scam report about tatyana 

First name:  tatyana
Aka:  sweet girl
Age:  29 her birthday well be oct 30
Location:  Russia
On websites:  charning dates I think not sure
Report:  I got a email on friday from a girl named tatyana . She said she was looking at websites and found my profile and liked it and wanted to be friends! She send me a pic of her she has long dark hair. And dark skin . She ssaid she is from Russia. Gave me a story of her mother working in a miltary factory. Works with her former classmate . And likes sushi rolls . I don't. Know how she got my cell number. But I got a few texts from her tthe number comes up as 6245. Got a message from her last night . Where she works just sold 38 cars to some bussinessmen who own taxis and is now going to ask for her vacation know wish me luck she said . She needs a kick in her a** she has not ask for money yet . She messed up when she said sergey Tarmashev name I look him up. And found a website about scammers! These people have to be stopped

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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