Scam report about KATYA GORSHKOVA

First name:  KATYA
Last name:  GORSHKOVA
Aka:  18
Age:  18
Address:  33065
On websites:
Report:  Hello Love Shawn . How are you doing and how is life there,honey i need your help here,i have tried all i can to get the balance for the ticket,the ticket is 2740 dollars but i only paid 400 dollars for the ticket,and tomorrow is the last day to pay the balance o or else i lost my ticket,please i really need your help so i can be there tomorrow,please mail me. Kisses . your Ekaterina Gorshkova .............................. Can to me it is necessary to call you? What do you think? If you can write me the phone number I try to call to you... We will speak with you in English... At last I we can speak!!! It is very good idea, to speak on the phone!!! And you then can tell that we spoke on the phone!!! I cannot be here, when You there..... I very much wish to arrive to you!!! You would like to meet!!! I hope, that our meeting will take place already very soon..... I cannot live without you! You sense of my life... When I will arrive to you, I will give you very good gift... I hope, that he is pleasant to you.... I do not know, that I would do without you!!! I cannot wait for that moment when You would began to wait for me at the airport!!! I so love you, I am ready to run on streets and to shout, that I love you.... I wish to spend with you time, to be engaged with you in love gently gently!!!! It so is romantic, my favourite!!!! I all yours, You can take me all.... To Caress my gentle body, from feet to a head!!!!! I will like to caress your strong, strong body!!!!! I very strongly want you!!!! I very soon will in in your hands!!!! We can caress very soon each other!!!! I could arrive to you but I have absolutely no money, I hope for your help, I think You can help me???? I need 1300 dollars. I love you. your Ekaterina Gorshkova

Status of report:  is still without proof

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