Scam report about Melinda Wayne

First name:  Melinda
Last name:  Wayne
Age:  35
Location:  Valencia, Spain
On websites:  Ashley Madison
Report:  Melinda Wayne (Melinda or the Subject), claims she won prize money from the Better Life Foundation in Spain, her former employer. You have informed us that you have loaned Melinda 10,500.00 GBP to help pay off 15,750.00 GBP she owed in back due rent and her aunt Sharon Wayne paid off the balance. You have also indicated that you loaned Melinda 4200 GBP for UK taxes on the award. Melinda claims to have paid 10,000 Euro to Estudio Juridico Fiscal (No 72 Piso 3 Pta 8 Valencia 46004, Spain) to process the award money. She dealt with Pablo Gomez-Mora from Estudio Juridico Fiscal. You have requested copies of the collection lawsuit filing in the UK to see how the prize funds have been tied up as claimed by Melinda and to see where the award is deposited. You have also asked us to perform due diligence and confirm Melinda Wayne is who she claims to be and to identify possible red flags. Conclusion There is strong evidence that Melinda Wayne is not who she claims to be. There is no record of her in the US or the UK. Also, Sharon Wayne appears to be a fictitious individual and while Jude Nzenagu (Melindas supposed attorney) does exist, there is no record of him being a practicing solicitor, either with the Law Society of England & Wales or Scotland. We could find no trace of a law firm by the name of Lamback. An exhaustive search for the lawsuit described above yieldedyieldedyielded yielded negative results. There are reports from 2011 and 2012 of a Melinda Wayne in London who claims to have studied nursing, however she is a confirmed mail order bride scammer. See: She is reported to have used the same email address as the Subject herein as well as and The Melinda Wayne mail order bride scammer provided the below photograph of herself (Figure 1) to another reported victim. We also note the striking similarities in the hand writing on the paper Melinda is holding up in the photo below (enlarged in Figure 2) in Figure 1 and the two receipts you provided to CSI from Estudio Juridico Fiscal (Figures 3 and 4) Page 3 CSI 1515 Broadway Suite 1154 NY, NY 10036 212-520-4308 CSI is licensed by the State of New York Department of State Division of Licensing Services You indicated that Melinda Wayne resided and was educated in the United States for several years. Our research found no record of a Melinda Wayne born in the United States. We conducted extensive research in the UK using a variety of sources to digitally and physically confirm Melinda Waynes presence in the UK and to locate the alleged lawsuit/judgment in question. We did not locate a lawsuit and more importantly, our research found no record at all of Melinda Wayne in the UK. The following databases and sources were searched to verify her identity with negative results:  Trace+ Database (official UK database consisting of all UK names, addresses and telephone numbers from historic and current Electoral Rolls, the Royal Mails Postcode Address File (PAF), Telephone Subscriber information and several commercial/business data files)  Individual Insolvency Register (register containing details of bankruptcies and individual voluntary arrangements in England & Wales)  Companies House records (All limited companies in England, Wales and Scotland are registered at Companies House. All Directors and Secretaries of all limited companies are also recorded)  English Birth, Death and Marriage Records  Scottish Birth, Death and Marriage Records  Media We also checked with the Nursing & Midwifery Council for the UK, they had no record of anyone by the name of Melinda Wayne being registered with them. We found no record of Melinda Waynes supposed aunt Sharon Wayne in the UK. Melinda claims her attorney is Jude Nzenagu of Lamback Law Firm, but the Solicitors Regulation Authority in the UK has no record of a law firm in the UK by the name Lamback Law Firm and no record of a Jude Nzenagu being an attorney. We also checked with the Law Societies for England and for Scotland for any record of Jude Nzenagu as a lawyer or Lamback law firm. There is no such record of such lawyer or law firm.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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