Scam report about Carmela DV Peterson

First name:  Carmela
Last name:  DV Peterson
Aka:  Christine Mae Lopez
Age:  25
Location:  Manila, Phillipines
On websites:  X-press dating, cheeky lovers
Report:  Contacted me in July 2012 from seeing my photo and profile on Cheekylovers. Instantly needed help for her sister and mother of several hundred dollars, which I sent. Felt sorry for her sob story. Said she was a model working in New York and wanted to come see me as she had fallen in love with me. Had need for money constantly and amounts kept going up up up. I sent her a total of $2000 during the two months she had her claws in me. She is all about erotic sex chat, the hotter you can make it the better. I had business in New York during the Tow months and communication died when I was in NYC. Always in trouble. Found out she was in the Phillipines modeling. Did IP check and found this site and she is listed under Christine Mae Lopez. She is a viper if she doesn't get money and you refuse. I refused a lot, but then two or three days later she was back wanting erotic chat again, the afterwards, I need money for this or that....send it NOW. Watch out for her. She has high expectations gentlemen of what she asks for money wise. Had her ask for $10000 for a taxicab for her sister to drive, so her sister would have a job. She sends you videos of her getting herself off. Sort of sad. The cu de grace was that she was leaving her modeling job to come live with me and she was held by agents at the airport and needed $3000 sent to get her out. Seems she was caught with shabu (crystal meth) that some crook stuffed in her bag. All bullshit, because she got no money from me and then was magically released after 1 day because the agents believed her story. Stay well away from this psycho.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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