Scam report about Ekaterina Rybakova

First name:  Ekaterina
Last name:  Rybakova
Aka:  Ekaterina Kolesnikova
Age:  28
Location:  Krasnokamsk, Russia
Address:  Volodarsky street 34-12
On websites:
Report:  She sent me a hello on we talked for about 5 months. Sometimes did not answer my questions completely or sometimes not at all. Told me she would fly here to me, and had to borrow the money from friends and family. The one girlfriend she had asked said yes, then a week before her flight, Ekaterina told me her girlfriend and her husband had a car accident. They needed the money to fix the car. I asked her how much she needed to finish paying for the airline tickets. She told me $750.00. I sent it to her by western union. She then sent me a flight itinerary that left Moscow to London, then to Chicago, then to Minneapolis/ St. Paul, MN. All this with flight times. The day of her flight, she emailed me telling me customs would not let her on the plane without $3000.00 in her possession. She even sent me a copy of the supposed law that states this. I sent a copy of this letter to a Russian embassy, he in turn, sent a copy of this email to the Ministry of Transportation, who came back and told him it was a fake and a forgery .

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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