First name: eve
Aka: mariya novoselva
Age: 29
Location: kirov, russia
On websites: speeddate
Report:     eve aka mariya first sent message through speed date. com we communicated for over a month i noticed that she hardly ever answered any of my questions after a month of emails and us wanting to meet she started to ask for money said she needed money for visa and insurance and passport so being that i sent $1200.00 then she said she needed proof of money that she could support her self and needed $2800.00 i wanting to meet her sent it all money was sent to mariya novoselva in kirov russia she then asked for $5900.00 to pay off her apartment so she could come to usa cause they would not let her leave unless it was paid for i did not send it.. i sent money only twice and i fell for her scam she still sends emails for now but i bet it will stop after i tell her what i have found here
Status of report: is still without proof