First name: Ruby
Last name: Arthur
Aka: Shela Rae
Age: 31
Location: Ghana, Accra
Address: Mantse Jara (Market) Street, Block 25 Accra, Ghana 00233
Phone: 1011233278459452
On websites:
Report:     She is trying to call me and IM me NOW. Wants money for Visa, Police Report, Passport, etc. so she can come here and marry me. I am in love with a scammer! Does anyone have any suggestions on what I should do at this point? ALL! suggestions, ideas, etc. will be given full consideration! Going by the name of Ruby Arthur, Accra, Ghana. Born in Canada and moved to Ghana to live with mother and little brother when father died. Just graduating from nursing school this month. Some of the pics she sent me are the same ones listed on this site as Shela Rae. Similar approach to the ones mentioned here. Sounds very sweet and cute on the phone, but when I try to call her, my phone says
Status of report: is still without proof