Scam report about Erika 

First name:  Erika
Age:  34
Location:  Azerbaijan, Barda
Report:  I started receiving these a couple of weeks ago and for some reason believed they were real. I only received 2 photos of what is obviously a local fashion model or some kind of celebrity. I wasn't able to find any matching images on Google. Letter 1 Hello I desire that you still to use the Internet and check yours e-mail? I find your e-mail address when went to dating agency in our town and they give me yours. I wish to get acquainted with you if you are still single and reside without any woman? I reside in Azerbaijan country . My name is Erika You will get my pictureture with my next letter, if I see your respond to this my letter! Be sure that you will like how I looks like! I have many hobbies, interesting job but I'm very lonely in my life. If you interested then I tell you yet about me it in my next letters, and I'm sure you will understand me better. I desire that you not from those men who apply treeless photos in inernet. I also write to you with withre intentions and I am not going to apply from you ANYTHING. I wish that you knew it. I attach you this mail in desire to get back any answer from you. Let me know if you like me and still have some wishes. I try to attach you my photo Best regards!!! Erika. Letter 2 Hi. I am very happy to see your letter today, your answer ...... How are you? Sorry, I could come to the Internet cafe only after work to write to you. Today, it was a lot of work. I'm glad you answered me, and I am pleased that you have interest to me. As you already know, and I hope that is not forgotten, my name is Erika. My country, Azerbaijan is close to Iran, and Armenia. You can see it on map, and so I hope that you hear about it? Also, I want to tell you that your e-mail I receive at the dating agency in my town. I just now decide to make a move, and find happiness. The agency is called the

Status of report:  is still without proof

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