SCAM REPORT ABOUT  Elnara Askerova

First name: Elnara
Last name: Askerova
Aka: Elnura
Age: 26
Location: Azerbaijan Baku
Address: Nizami St 7 - 12 AZ 1000
Report:     After receiving an e=mail from saying she got details from E-Harmony and that they gave her my details, Replied back that I was once a target of a scammer and Then told her if she was one life could be made very hard for her, then I got drawn into her reassurrance that she was not one, then came photos of family that thru me of track, But gut feeling told me to keep a guard up. After knowing and feeling things were not going in the direction as in a normal conversation, I searched the Name and found she was using the same text and sincerity as the other reports i have read, after reading the other 3 reports and the asking of contact details and bank information just as in the other 3 reports. The same feeling and motivation of her wanting to meet was the same words for word, discussted in the fact she sent photos of family, friends and child ( neice) Take a very wide berth with this one, she takes her time to draw you in and then comes the big one ie; bank details ,contact numbers and address and the promises to be with you forever
Status of report: is still without proof