SCAM REPORT ABOUT  Laura Mihalchik

First name: Laura
Last name: Mihalchik
Aka: marisha Koksova
Age: 31
Location: Poland
Phone: 3727120681
On websites: gmail
Report:     Laura Mihalchik 8:06 AM (4 hours ago) to me Dear Arty I am glad to receive from you the letter. To me it is pleasant that you are ready to help me with payment to a trip. I start to trust you more. It is a pity that you do not have account at present. My sister cannot send money through Western Union if it could make it has sent money at once in my agency. A problem that she can send money only into the account in the state. Therefore I to ask you about such help for reception of money. My sweet, you can open the new bank account? My sister will return to you then 100$, for that that you to help me to arrive in the state. I very much hope for you, you unique who now can help me with travel. I hope that you too wish to meet me. I to assure you, that all it is real. You do not need to spend the money for my travel, my sister will help you with money for all expenses which to be demanded to you for payment of money in my agency. I will finish the letter and to wait from you for new letters. I hope that soon I will receive from you news. Your loving Laura. 2 attachments Download all attachments View all images Share all images x_f7f6088b.jpg x_f7f6088b.jpg 52K View Share Download x_fa37b7bf.jpg x_fa37b7bf.jpg 92K View Share Download
Status of report: is still without proof