First name: Liliya
Last name: Petrova
Age: 37
Location: Cheboksary, Russia
Address: Pirogova 15
On websites: Russian
Report:     After a very long period of time and about 120 mails I decided to help Liliya with some money. It was what she and her parents couldnt bring to make her trip to me possible. On the 21st of September she says that she is in Moskwa and have been denied visa cause of some problem with payment for a car. This she think will give her more money from me witch I say no to! After some days I ask her to send my money back and she doesnt answer that. Just talking about her love to me. First contact must have been at the end of June this year. Borrowed her 1100 Euro witch was a part of the garantee for staying in EU for three months. Below is her last letter from the 10th of October 2012.; Hey! How are you? This day remarkable I has perfectly slept. Then descended for work and here now has come to cafe to see that you have written to me today. I all thought of what today you will write to me that will tell as at you business. But when I accepted mail that of your letter there there was no I have been upset. Understand each your letter I cheer me up I know that I am interesting to you. And I know that you do not wish to cease to write to me as I have interested you. However as well as you me you are very interesting to me you the fine person. And I do not wish to stop correspondence I wish to see your new letters every day. I want every day the nobility that with you everything is all right that I to you am not indifferent. Each your letter is important to me as to these you render me the most important sign on attention. I understand that a lot of time work occupies another matters. But after all it is possible to give once a day some minutes to me having written the letter. Please I hope that in the future you me will not force to be upset and will write every day. After all you to me are very pleasant also I is glad to receive and read your letters. I will wait tomorrow for your answer with the big impatience. For ever your Liliya!!! I wait for the letter...
Status of report: is still without proof