Scam report about Martha Marin

First name:  Martha
Last name:  Marin
Aka:  prettypaula9
Age:  30 and 32
Location:  Cairo Egypt
Phone:  201154394514
On websites:
Report:  Met this woman 12th August 2012 on who says her name is Martha Marin from Oceanside, California but is actually from Cairo Egypt, phone number 201154394514 which is phone number I am still using to exchange SMS text and email address theclick14@yahoolcom. She scammed me for $7500 not including wire transfer fees and is still in touch with me claiming she will fly to Los Angeles on the 5th of December 2012 promising to marry me. I am a member of planning add her with documents supporting her deceit, lies and fraudulence. Please call me a +1.310.941.2706 if you want to discuss how to prevent this sad soul to continue deceiving dating sites. I can provide evidence including her reuse of same photo she used here posted on which is a dumb move for a crook because I instantly recognized her. I can provide much evidence going back to August 12th 2012. Thank you, Robert Schuh

Status of report:  is still without proof

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