First name: Oxick
Aka: Oksana
Age: 22
Location: Krivoy Rog, Ukraine
On websites: /
Report:     OXICK_ She is a scamer, she must be employed by the agency to go online and talk to men so they pay the outrageous prices for membership to view texts and web cam. She has stated that the agency lend her a laptop computer to take home. She then refuses to engage in anything more than banal chatter with no substance, obviously not someone who is interested in forging a relationship one day. And before you say that she is not interested in me, I have used different profiles, and friends have also written to her online all with the same result. With the exorbitant prices that hot Russian brides charge, she must get some form of kick back in order to keep men online and texting for as long as possible. Guess with a profile name of Oxick_ her name is Oksana.
Status of report: is still without proof