Scam report about Salima, Alima, Rose, Janet, Sheeri, Victoria, Joso Coulter, Slamatu, Bless

First name:  Salima, Alima, Rose, Janet, Sheeri, Victoria, Joso
Last name:  Coulter, Slamatu, Bless
Age:  30 ?
Location:  Accra Ghanna
On websites:  Any dating site from Brazile cupid to Chinalove dateing sites.
Report:  I was first contacted on a dating site, out of the blue by this women, have believed it was a scam from the start, to many changes in name and such.Plus the first photo she sent was very simular to a photo i recieved from an other women from a different dating site, several monthe prior to recieving these, from her. Played her along getting nude photos, only a scammer is going to send nudes, as no self respecting women is going to send nudes right after meeting someone on line, plus nude vidios. When i refused to send money, I was then contacted by her again, but under a different name, and email address. Played her again and then contacted again by her under a different name. I have managed to have her waste money on phone calls and send numerous pictures with and with out clothes on. Very persistant, even had her mother die, but could not explain why if she should kill her self how that would help pay her bills. Finally decided she could not get any money out of me, and after my calling her a begger, she wrote back that she was not a begger, she was a scammer. Very angry message, and started to brag about how she was scamming someone else and had already recieved thousands of dollars from him, and that she had a car and gold. Poor english, very hard to understand on the phone, but played her along as much as possible, let her know how it feels to be played, even if it was just time, effort, and several long distance phone calls by her. This site needs more press so as to expose all of these scammers, and maybe bring down the law on them.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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