Scam report about Linda Kommlah

First name:  Linda
Last name:  Kommlah
Aka:  linda komla,
Age:  27
Location:  Suth Africa Ghana
Address:  (1) 411 wadai street temong section. tembisa, GP Y01926----------(2) 24 McCarthy hill, Osu town--------(3) 1871 kn, kaneshie Accra, greater Accra (GA) 23321--------(4) 23 Independance Avenue Accra, Ghana--------(5) 45 Kolebu road, Accra 23321--------
Phone:  233 572 105 122
On websites:
Report:  IMPORTANT: SCAMMING STORY Febuary 2012, Linda Kommlah approached me on the gay and lesbian dating site, called THE PINK SOFA. We formed a friendship over a nine month period. We contacted each other through text messaging and emails. Her email she used was: Her Phone number she used was: 233 572 105 122 Her story was sad. She had lost both parents and was left to care for her sister. She said she was a student at the Accra Ghana university of Journalism and she won a scholarship from South Africa, Tembesia. We agreed we were to get married and she would come to Australia (we courtshiped over the internet for 9 months). I trusted her, there was several occasions where I questioned her honesty and she swore on her parents graves, that she was telling the truth. There was always excuses, I caught her using a porn stars photos. She said she used them because she was worried she would be persecuted as a lesbian in Ghana. Then she sent me pictures of a female I later found on facebook under the name: Aaia?a Ooaaaeeaaa. She said she was white, and she was a Christian who went to church every Sunday. But none of this was true, it wasnt one person but many people working together. She asked me for money for food, rent, food, electric, and to help her sister (Trudy) with medical bills and medication. Lindas medicals, doctors bills, visas, an agent, bank fees, passport and degree parchment. Do Not use Western Union to transfer money. I sent money to Rocklyn Antwi, she posed as one of Linda Kommlahs friends from the uniniversity of Journalism. The day she was supposed to leave and come to Australia, she left me an email she wasnt coming because her sister was dying and she had to go be with her sister in Cape Town. Near the end I was led to believe she was going to repay me and sent pictures of gold nuggets. I then had to pay for them to be cleared through Australia customs. I went on facebook and found Linda Kommlah, and other members of their gang who had been involved. I rang up the Australian High Commision and they checked to see if Linda Kommlah had a passport and visa. She wasn not on the system. and the agent she said she used (Anthony Gillberts) did not exist. And there was no Mr Sam in Accra, who posed as high commissioner in Ghana. Mr Sam and Anthony Gillberts both posed as proffessionals on the phone, and rang me to inform me Lindsa Kommlah was coming to Australia, and that the visa had gone through. I payed for both these so called proffesionals. And gave them my personal details. Including passport, drivers liscence, other identification, and bank statements. She lied to me Was not a lesbian She led me to believe she loved me and couldnt wait to come to Australia. This did not happen over night. I was scammed out of $20, 000 Australian dollars over nine months. I was in denial, and listened to her every word, she preyed on me, as I was lonely and wanted to be loved. She played on my heart. All the photos I have posted were used during the scam and others I have found on facebook and believe they are part of the gang who scammed me. I am destitute, I have to sell my house, and am left with no money to support my family. I have written this story to try and create awareness about what is happening on the internet and in Accra, Ghana.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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