Scam report about Sherry Helen Williams

First name:  Sherry Helen
Last name:  Williams
Age:  32
Location:  Lagos, Scotland, and now Brazil
On websites:  Facebook, Yahoo Messenger, Yahoo, Hotmail
Report:  I have written to a Sherry Helen Williams for three years. I have wasted many airline tickets and a great deal of money. She now claims her grandmother in Scotland caused our break-up and she says her grandmother is now passed away. We have started to write again but have sent no money. She is in Sao Paulo, Brazil. I said I would go get her this year. She wants a Blackberry phone so we can communicate with a Sim card. I am very leary of this now that I have read your scam list on her. I only have the one story on the fellow from England.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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