Scam report about Niloofar Ahmed

First name:  Niloofar
Last name:  Ahmed
Aka:  niloofar10
Age:  36
Location:  Malaysia
On websites:
Report:  Below is a copy of his or her last message (I believe the scammer is a man): Salaam Alikum Thanks for your email and your concern towards me. I hope and your daughter are doing great. Since it is expensive for you to call me,i guess we can as well communicate through text messages and email until we meet face to face for us to come to a compromise about what we really want. Anyways, there are some issues arising at the moment which might cause my delay in coming to your country. When i got to the Federal Inland Revenue for the payment of the charges and duty stamps for my late dad's entitlement which is about GBP 875,000, i was told that the charges increased to one 1% percent instead of the normal 0.5% percent that are being paid for entitlements and when i asked the reason why it was so, they said it was the new government policy and that these policies changed when the country assigned a new king. Before i came to the country, my lawyer informed me that i was going to pay 0.5%percent in which i came with the exact amount. But right now, i have already paid the 0.5%percent and my lawyer has already promised me to help me out with 0.3 out of the remaining 0.5 that was remaining. But anyways i have informed my mum to call some of my friends back home and raise some money for me and once i make the remaining payment which i don't know how long it might take, i will then make plans to come over and see you. All i ask is for your patient because i have already promised you that i will come on friday without knowing i am going to face some difficulties here. Once the remaining GBP 5,200 is paid, i will start heading to your country.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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