Scam report about theresa trump

First name:  theresa
Last name:  trump
Age:  26
Location:  new york
Phone:  (646) 481-3157
On websites:  yahoo/ facebook
Report:  I was contacted by this individual on Dec. 10th 2011 on a singles chat called scout. She asked me to create an account on yahoo so we could chat privately.She claimed she lost both of her parents father of a car accident and her mother of an illness shortly after her father died. She said she lived in an apartment with her aunt in new York. I looked on facebook to see if she was on there and I found the same girl with another pic for her proflie. I friended her and sent a message to see if it was the same person. They replied and said yes it is the same person. I then thought it was a real person so I continued having chats with her. I also asked her for an address and phone #i got a newyork area code phone #. I never called it because she said that i wouldnt be able to hear her voice so i never called. She sent me long emails with attached photos and said we will be together soon, wanting to build a house and get married and have children. She would ask how much I make,if I got my new PC from Christmas fully functioning yet. I thought it was fishy from the beginning and gave her the benefit of the doubt. She never asked for money but I believe that soon she would. I chatted newyears Eve till 3 am with her and that morning I had suspicions so I looked her up and I found the exact profile listed on this site. She really knew how to make me feel good about myself and say all the right things. Thanks to having this site available to the public.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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