Scam report about kseniya keynih

First name:  kseniya
Last name:  keynih
Age:  29
Location:  77 koroleva9 Tomsk Russia
Email:  kseniya
Report:  I sent copy of photo's sent , plus copy of her visa that she emailed and the Australian Embassy identified it to be a fake , they also have no record of her aplying for a visa to Australia to study contrary to her undertaking that she needs $240 to pay for visa and needs it within 7 days . she has sent numerous photo's but some don't match as the same person . she said she wants to marry me and have a child , she said she will repay the money once in Australia . she is very vague when questioned and i sent her a copy of the Australian embassy report on her and she has given a very ordinary response , pleading for the money . The photo's are proffesionaly taken , she said she has a friend as a photographer . she has been corresponding for 3 months now , pleading she is not a scammer and that she is genuine . she stated she was going to her parents for 10 days and would write when returned , in the meantime send money to Western union and email her once in . Australian embassy has no record of her applying to come to Australia , despite the long winded explanation she gave that she has only 7 days left otherwise she won't be granted a visa . she has not explained how or which university she has enrolled , you can't get an education visa if your not enrolled in a university in Australia . The current photo you have of her is only one of 15 that she has sent me .

Status of report:  is still without proof

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