Scam report about euguene nelson

First name:  euguene
Last name:  nelson
Aka:  abagail forson,abby forson
Age:  32
Location:  koforidua, ghana
Address:  po box kf 2634
Phone:  233253820308,233232924870,233261783530,233541039833,233242954443
On websites:  yahoo messenger
Report:  This woman contacted me first from idateing4you website. We had some webcam to webcam conversations. She got me for $400.00 dollars. She told me her mother was ill with appendix (spelling?) and needed surgery, so I sent her money for that. We texted on phone many times. She changed her number a few times. We spoke for several months. She sent me various pics of her. Her stories never made much sense. I started my own investgating and found sites that led me to josie ann miller and josie model. She says her mothers name is Gloria Tetteh and that she lives with her. She always asks for money for some reason or another, but I refuse to send her anymore. I keep telling her that I am aware of what she and her clan is doing and she keeps saying that she has changed her ways. I keep telling her that she is a scammer and a pig. She wont contact me any longer. This scum of the earth pig needs to be thrown in jail for life as well as her little scammer team. I could have sent my money to children who could have really used it. I wish that the Ghana police or FBI would do something about these scammers. I would do my part in order to help stop these scum of the earth pigs.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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