Scam report about jessica cablin

First name:  jessica
Last name:  cablin
Age:  31
Location:  agona nsaba ghana
On websites:  AFF
Report:  She sent this long e-mail about love and trustand said she was originally from Australia,was a hairdresser and volunteered at an orphanage.She sent pics of herself,supposedly from her time in the U.K.,but there were several American made cars in the background.When I met her originally online it was on AFF.Her address was Secaucus New Jersey.When I inquired,she said her friend set up the profile.We exchanged 6 e-mails when she asked me if I could send 710 dollars for some bills until she got her salary at the end of the month.When I started asking her about the discrepencies in the photos she got testy.I asked for her address and she said I should send the western union money order to her friend in Winneba,where there is an office.I never sent the money. Her diction in the e-mails would switch from an english speaking person to someone whos first language is definitely not english at all.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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