Scam report about Ekaterina Oreshina

First name:  Ekaterina
Last name:  Oreshina
Aka:  Julia Likarovskaya
Age:  30
Location:  607710 City Lesogorsk, nizhegorodskaya a-oblast, Proletarskaya street, house 48, apt 13
On websites:  don't know
Report:  To Whom It May Concern, Please forward this e-mail to the Russian Police, Thank You... My e-mail address: I have been scammed with this woman ***I have her photos tell me how to send them to you*** She is using the name of : first name: EKATERINA last name: ORESHINA Proletarskaya street, the house 48, Apartment 13 607710 city Lesogorsk nizhegorodskaya-oblast Also she uses the names of: Julia Likarovskaya - Ekaterina Petrova Ekaterina Ilina Natalya Belova Anastasia Elena I received an e-mailed and her photos and when I saw them, I feel like so petty it seems to me that, heres a girl having a harsh life in Russia, so my intention is just to help her to come to U.S.A. She travel from Lesogorsk to Moscow, when she got to Moscow she said, that she have trouble with money and the only person that can help her is me, then she have problem with visa and another problem with visa and asked for more money, in some parts of her letter she said If you can will send money tomorrow in the morning it is very remarkable this is the point that I realized that shes been playing me all along then I imagine that her next move will be, that shes been rob and I was right. But I have already sent her all the money she have asked for. Heres the story: Letter 1 On 10/22/12, sweet wrote: Hellooooo my new lover . I understand that my letterto youvery much surprisingly. I'm novel to the cyberspace. I'm looking for a new lover. I saw your shape on a dating website. You very liked me. I want to find a lover in your land. very much soon I shall go to your country to job. I'll be a teacher. I'm long time gone to this purpose . But I need a serious relations. I have no friend. I hope that you will become my acquaintance in your region. I am a real woman.Ekaterina is my name. I am 30 . And you ? How old are you? Please tell me something about yourself. Write me an e-mail letter . We can exchange picture. And I can send you a video. I really want you to be my friend. I hope you like me and you write me a letter. I think that we can find common interests. I'll be wait for your answer . Your Ekaterina. Reply Hi! Ekatarina, Thank you for your letter and your picture, you are so beautiful and you look like an angel from heaven. If I may asked, only if you're comfortable to answer these questions, What country you're from? and what is your address and your height? Here's a little things about me: I live here in Maryland, USA I am half Argentinean and half Filipino I am 5 feet - 9 inches tall I am an Artist and Musician I like all kind of music I will tell you more on the next letter, I'm at work right now I cannot do much on my letter, until then, hope to see your letter again, - Kiss You...I am called Anjie Letter 2 On 10/24/12, Ekaterina wrote: Hello my new friend ! My name is Ekaterina. I am very glad to get acquainted with you. And I hope we can become good friends. I am not very good at using internet but anyway I decided it is a good way to get new friends. That is why I want to explain the reason why I am here right now. It is possible I will visit your country soon and I made my mind to get acquainted with a person from your country. And at this point I am writing to you. I have never been abroad and I don't have friends outside Russia. I really want to know more about you. Could you please tell me about you, about your lifestyle in the next letter. I hope it is not difficult for you. I will also write about myself. It is interesting to find out about your family, maybe about your job, friends and hobby. Ok, I am 30 years old. And I am sure it is a good age for a lady. Because I am still young but nevertheless have got a good life experience. My height - 170 sm and my weight 55 kg. You know I am fit because I like sports. One of the most important things is to look after myself .In a sound mind ,a sound body. I am sending my photos so you can see me. You know I am not very photogenic. The photos are usually not very beautiful. But they are important for correspondence so one can see another. I hope you will like me. By the way I am looking forward to see your photos in the next letter. It is very interesting for me to see a person you writing to. So I want to ask you a few questions so we will know each other better. What about sport? Alcohol? Smoking? Please tell me about your habits. As for me I am an only child in the family and I don't have my own kids but I have a dream. I have a dream to build my own family and have wonderful children. My father died when I was a child. I really miss him. My mother has been growing me since I was 2 years old and she taught me alone. My mother works in hospital. She has got a good job. She has been working in a hospital for a long time and she knows a lot of people. She is respected in our city. I have got a few best girl friends. I spend much of my spare time with them. They say I have a good sense of humor. I like to laugh at a good joke. I am a cheerful person so my friends do. I live in Lesogorsk. It is a small town. It is situated 650 km far from Moscow. I think this information will help you to know me better. I am looking forward to know about you, you job, your city. I don't have bad habits, I don't smoke. I am sure it is important for a lady not have bad habits. When gathering together with friends I can drink a glass of wine but not more. I am really keen on cooking. I usually cook fish soup, borsch, salads. You can write about your favourite dish, or maybe your cooking experience. I personally like flowers. They really make our life more beautiful-at home, outside, at work. Oh yes I have forgotten to tell you about my job. I work with children and I really like my job. I am a teacher of a foreign language at school. I teach little children English and Russian language. I think that is enough about me. I has written a really big letter. I hope you are not tired of my little letter. So what do you do? Where do you work? Please tell me about your interests. I am really looking forward to your reply. I hope my letter will not be lost with no attention. I will read your letter with pleasure and will surely reply. Ekaterina. Reply Hi! Ekatarina, Thank you for your second letter and your pictures, you're so pretty and beautiful, and I really like your pictures. I heard about the borsch, salianka, Blini and Ikra, maybe someday I will get a chance to taste those food Here's some more little things about me: I am a heavy drinker, I do not smoke anymore, I do not have a tattoo and I like jokes I live here in Brentwood, Maryland, USA just 11 mile away from Washington DC I have 3 sisters and 4 brother, I am the third from the eldest I used to play in concerts as a lead guitarist / keyboardist and a band leader long time ago. I'm a graphic artist now and I am a civilian working for the U.S. Military as an engraver I like all kind of music, I use to play basketball and tennis, but I hardly play sports now I also like going to different places

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