Scam report about irina 

First name:  irina
Age:  33
Location:  civilsk
Report:  dark-haired beautiful girl,which began to write to me when he had seen my profile Finnish to me for over a month.and told me how he loves me now..childhood dream of living abroad!best friend called marina.Irina told me that he works for the security company in civilsk.I sent him a lot of photos, and he also sent me a photos too!!I started to propose a meeting,I said that I can come to Moscow,were we him it did not happen.he wanted me to come to Finland.He said that the work will start a long holiday soon.He said that going to a travel agent to ask for ticket prices.the next day told me that the tickets cost a lot of money and he has no tickets money at all.He asked me to send money for tickets!!I said that I did not send money to people who will not tell me the last name and does not send a copy of your passport when I ask them.!?he started barking at me and instantly love was over!!Hah Hah.He said that who I am, that he does not know me??!I was already in the beginning of the relationship told by my full name and shown him a copy of the my passport.I deleted him from Skype also and I stopped her access to e-mail of mine.that is, if I would have sent the money tickets so I would not have ever heard of him anymore!!!he asked 420euros.I'm relieved that I do not become scammed worse!!!!!!if someone suspects would write with Irina ask me for photos!!!!!!

Status of report:  is still without proof

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