Scam report about Tiffany Smith

First name:  Tiffany
Last name:  Smith
Aka:  caretiff
Age:  25
Location:  Nigeria, Lagos
On websites: google+
Report:  I could tell from her 2nd email to me that she didn't seem real at all. There were allot of inconsistencies in her grammar to the point that 75% of the email looked staged and 25% looked like a half assed attempt of a teenager's grammar that I've seen countless of times on facebook. I myself have delt with Lagos, Nigeria in the past to the point of having the US State Department get involved in the matter. If I was to give any warning to anyone at this point, it would be: If you get any email from Nigeria esp. if its from Lagos, put it in your spam folder and just don't deal with those idiots at all.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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