Scam report about Yolanda Ridge Williams

First name:  Yolanda
Last name:  Ridge Williams
Age:  27
Location:  Ghana, Calumet 8US)
On websites:  Skype account is jenny.williams417
Report:  [07.02.2013 12:00:27] jenny williams: Baby Im running a bit outta money [07.02.2013 12:00:45] jenny williams: and was thinking If you can help me cash out a check though [07.02.2013 12:01:03] jenny williams: Kindly let me explain ...I got a payment which im expecting from the UK but due to [07.02.2013 12:01:19] jenny williams: banking policies I cant cash it out here in West Africa [07.02.2013 12:01:38] jenny williams: and was thinking if You can kindly help me cash it out and send me the money though [07.02.2013 12:01:45] jenny williams: That would be a great help darling

Status of report:  is still without proof

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