Scam report about Felicia 

First name:  Felicia
Age:  32
Location:  Accra
On websites:  Hi5
Report:  i meet her in Hi5, normali she say work her mom store, her father is die, and she is alone because her boyfrien lend her for other woman, she chat with me severals times and begin to be a good friend and finaly we are a couple, she make plans to be together, She say talk to you for many days, month, and then when you her boybriend she say that her mother is sick and need money a lot of money, of you dont send she say that need to buy a store to work and help her mother and say you that give less money, if you dont send, finally say that she need for the bided and food and say you to give 100 dolars. she say that the money have to send to western union. I noticed several strange things, for example, the photos are beautiful and it is hard to believe that such a woman has no one, also changing the amount of money first 4000 dolars, then 2000 dolarsand finally 100 dolars, I thought trying to get something, when asked, did not write again. She send of a model.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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