Scam report about Tatyana 

First name:  Tatyana
Age:  29
Location:  Kazan Russia
Address:  Mira Street, 12 Apartment 15
Phone:  +787 708 7957
On websites:
Report:  I received the first letter on 4 December 2012. It came to my regular email address which is also posted on some professional sites. I already have a Ukranian girlfriend of 4 years and she is more than likely coming here later this year, she is a doctor. After seeing the first letter and reading it I found the text to be more masculine the feminine in the way it was written and decided to continue to play the game and see what happened, I work on the computer all day and 10 minutes to continue a conversation is not a waste of time and I used to be a regular user of this site. When she started discussing costs and fee at the travel agency and that she was going to pay for all the travel I knew there might be a problem or asking for funds soon. It took only 2 months before she could not get the funds from her director for her holiday so could I pay the 302 Euro's, small amount most guys would pay but if multiplied by 100 letters she sends out per day not a bad check for a person even if only 50% of the receivers pay it. I have photos and documents.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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