First name: Dasha
Last name: Vlasenko
Aka: Daria
Age: 25
Location: Ukraine, Kharkov
Phone: *380982099667
On websites: anastasiadate
Report:     Hello, Reporting total scam, I have been with for some time. I went to the Ukraine to meet a lady and it was disastrous totally, I found out of how dishonest she was and I was in dismay. I then figured well this is only one girl. So I chatted to another name Darya (Dasha) Vlasenko of Kharkov, Ukraine. So I really liked this Dasha, I decided to meet her as I promised. She said she would meet me at the airport and she did. The trouble being when I got there was a boy with her, I asked what was he and I was told that he was translator? Well I thought strange, she said in her profile I shall paste below that she was intermediate in English. I was tired and did not feel to deal with this at the time. We left the airport went to my flat, dropped my things off, went to Spar market, bought some things for flat. We then all went out to restaurant to eat. She was very charming and very forward, not being able to speak English. So after this we became closer and I really started liking her, she would come to flat after work and was very sweet and close. We exchange emails, phone and such. I then was wondering about all this. I then forwarded the information I had to friend of mine. He said run, she is scammer. Darya (dasha) Vlasenko of Ukraine Kharkov is lying to you! He showed me her page, he showed me global 7 scam report from April 2013 and a resume of hers that shows she is graduate from Karazin University, translator teacher and linguist. So I was paying translator fees when out with her for nothing. This lady was total dishonest. What is the worst thing I tell the agency of Anastasia about this and it falls on deaf ears. Scariest thing is this lady almost had me so wrapped up that I would have not thought twice about bringing her to USA and being active part of life and in my businesses. Thank God for my friends help. I really think that anastasiadate, really does not care about anything but making money. They actually want girls like this, but you can only milk the cow so many times before it dries up and never freshens again. Below is contact profile information. She is naughty girl, cute and dangerous. Darya, (Dasha) Vlasenko ID: 1561044 Kharkov, Ukraine Phone number: 0982099667 Email Tourism manager Daria View user page Date of Birth: 02/06/1987 Region of work: Zaporozhye El. E-mail: Education: 09.2004 - 07.2009 higher Kharkiv National University. VN Karazin faculty of foreign languages, linguist, translator and teacher Zaporozhye Experience: 09.2009 - present. time freelance translator The Chamber of Commerce translations Zaporozhye Translation of documents (industrial, technical, economic, legal, etc.) in English, German, Ukrainian and Russian. Working with existing customers and expand its client base. Experience in dealing with foreigners. Teamwork. Finding information on the Internet, its processing, classification and communication of the final result. Additional Information: Languages: English - fluent German - a good level of Ukrainian, Russian - fluent Computer skills: Experienced PC user (Word, Excel, Open Office, Outlook Express, Internet) and office equipment (printer, scanner, fax). Additional Information: Responsible, ambitious, sociable, quick to learn, polite, have an analytical mind, constantly working on them. Competently communicate with people, I know the psychology of people, easy to work in a team. It has a pleasant appearance and voice. Foreign passport, rights
Status of report: is still without proof