Scam report about yana ivanova

First name:  yana
Last name:  ivanova
Age:  24
Location:  Nikolaev, Ukraine
Phone:  +380964850189
On websites:
Report:  Met her on the site Almost immediately gave me her private details and agreed to meet me in Kiev a couple of weeks later. When we met she told me that she worked for the site and was paid to chat with men. The longer the men chatted with her, the more the site charged and the more of a commission she received. She told me that most of the women there were not serious or looking for relationships and just doing it as a job and had boyfriends/ husbands back at home. It really is a huge industry in Ukraine. Anyway, I foolishly believed her that I was the special one and she was serious with me. After all she had met me and we spent a weekend together. Then the requests for money started...I liked her and had invested time in going to see her so I stupidly agreed to help her for this and that. The final straw however came when we agreed to go to Venice together for Valentines day. I sent her 800 Euros for a visa, 500 USD for her flights to and from Nikolaev and I also paid a small fortune for one of the best Hotels in Venice in the heart of San Marco the most beautiful part of Venice. After texting me all day that she was on her way, then telling me the flight got delayed and then finally she didn't show up and her phone got switched off and all my e mails went unanswered. I spent a miserable day alone in Venice and caught a flight back to UK the following day. Its one thing taking money from me but what I don't understand is why she needed to tell me to go all the way to Venice and insisted she was on her way so that I was sitting there like an idiot in the hotel room waiting for her. It was just really cruel and these Ukrainian women seem to have a real capacity for it! I left the hotel 3 days earlier than i had booked and had to pay an additional 400 Euros to get home and got no refund for the hotel room for the nights I didn't use. If you use the site, beware as MANY of the girls are professional scammers and the site knows this and facilitates it. This girl is one of their most prolific scammers and a totally heartless scammer.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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