Scam report about alena khlebnikova

First name:  alena
Last name:  khlebnikova
Age:  31
Location:  chevoksary russia
On websites:
Report:  she contact you first, writting that she usually dont do that, send you a letters every time with pictures, after a week or a two weeks, she says that her holidays are coming at beginnig of the next month. inspite you offer go to meet her, she says that her country in moscu is very dangerous, says that she is gonna be full of job. and if you go to visit her, she cant be with you anytime. after all this, she start to say that went to the bank for a credit, and the embassy, that there is a package that include all. ticket, fees, taxes, international passport, she said that the price for this is 1785 usd, but she needs 1100 usd. and starts to push you to send the money, in this case she gave me a bank number. i didnt sent anything because, 1100 is alot of money. and she never gave me a phone number, a address, nothing. it is a scenario to have many doubt. but how i know that she was lying, she send me a picture, and i saw that the name of the file, was different from the others. then i go to google image search, and in that way i found match . in two web pages she has pictures differents, and different name, country , age, well all different. she told me that she doesnt know how her pictures are on the web, that it is a counterfit profile. made your owns opinions........ the web pages are. 31087 ID 1354363674 here is an example of her mails Hello my dear xxxxxx. I was very glad to your message. Very much it were pleasant to me to a photo. Thanks for video. At you very good, cosy house. I hope what be fast I can your visitor. xxxxxx I have learnt in more details the information on a trip in Panama. The overall cost a trip with the account preparation of documents, registration of the international passport, preparation the visa, the insurance, payment of tickets, there and back makes 1785usd. Including payment all taxes and consular gathering. Javier I did inquiry in consulate Panama. They have informed me in detail all information on that that I should make to receive the permission to a trip. I should fill now the statement and direct documents to consulate in Moscow. In a current of 4-5 working days, they consider my documents and I need to make payment 1785usd. Document registration to last about 3 weeks, therefore there is a good possibility to the beginning of my holiday by March to receive already all documents. To me have told that the departure can be carried out approximately on March, 3rd from airport Moscow. In Los Angeles I should make change and already take off in Panama Ciry Tocumen Intl Arpt. There you should meet me. It is very good possibility for ours a meeting. I can spend in Panama no more than two weeks, it is period of validity the visa. I have specified the information on that that you spoke to me. Whether I have asked it will be necessary for me to receive the additional visa in USA as I will make there change. To me have informed that it is the intermediate change, only two hours, therefore the visa it is not required. As I even will not leave airport Los Angeles. Javier now we should solve a question with payment as I cannot pay itself such sum. I have found out that I can obtain the credit, but only 700usd. It is required to me still at least 1100usd. If you are ready to help me, I can begin preparation and already direct documents to consulate, to begin registration. I should be assured of that that you will help me, only then we can meet. Javier I really very much want you to meet and I already really in many respects was adjusted on this trip to see you. I think that we very well could spend time together, have possibility to make our relations closer. xxxxx if you will help me, I think not the best way to use western union as I have read on the Internet, it demands additional money. I have a bank account, therefore you without problems can help me. I can make at once payment. It is much more safe and is guaranteed. xxxxxx that you tell write to me I look forward to hearing from you. Yours Alena. when i found her on webpage. and i ask her. Dear xxxxxx I have been very surprised when you have sent me these photos. How it is possible? Who that uses my photos. Washing name Alena. I do not know as my photos have got to the Internet, these are counterfeit profiles. I have sent to you a copy of the Russian passport and in my passport my name Alena is written that. xxxxxxx if you do not trust me then to me it is very insulting.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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