First name: Estella
Last name: Afia
Aka: estella_afia11 on Skype
Age: 32
Location: UK and Ghana or Accra
Phone: +233249377668
On websites: Russian Cupid
Report:     This woman I've been talking with, on Skype as well as on phone calls, has wasted a lot of my time. I've ran into several other scammers but those were real obvious ones. This one was real patient, took her time. I never let my guard down however. Today she asked me for half of the money for her flight tickets. Even though she is a supposed stewardess on KLM Airlines stationed in Accra temporarily. She also gave me her word early on that she would never ask me for money. She supposedly is from the UK. However after talking on the phone with her, she sounded more African than anything. Here is her contact info and I really hope you put her up on your site and appreciate what you do here. Thank you.
Status of report: is still without proof