Scam report about Vera 

First name:  Vera
Age:  22
Location:  Russia
On websites:  Unknown
Report:  I was contacted by this supposed woman and she feel madly in love with me in a matter of days. I have asked her for information and she has not responded as of yet, other than telling me she needs money to start the visa application process. I did give her a fake address for myself and fake name. She has sent me a few photos including nudes. Supposedly works as a dance instructor. She says she only has access at an internet cafe on a limited basis. I did tell her that before I would send money to her that I would need to have her on video on the internet talking to me, with a 100% verification of her address and other information she is going to provide me. She has asked for about $780.00 US to start application process to come to the usa. I also gave her my phone number to call me at some point not yet decited when she will call.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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