SCAM REPORT ABOUT  Alice Tina Johnson

First name: Alice Tina
Last name: Johnson
Aka: Sophia Alice Johnson / Alice Sophia Johnson
Age: 31
Location: Ogun, Nigeria
Address: el.obinna hotel No. 4 Liberty Close Ajuwon
Phone: 310.513.5673 Int'l: 234.705.2155925 // 234.705.1119256
On websites: FACEBOOK
Report:     I had noticed the Inheritance certificate dated 13 April 2012 for $6 Million. Lawyers fee is $76,000. She has to pay lawyer $8000.00 by next week. Grandmother is sending $4000.00 by Thursday (7 April). Ask from me only $200.00 on Friday (1 Mar 2013). I have read this scam before. She would rather have a Money Gram due to no Western Union in Ogun. The Money Gram is 20 minutes from where she is staying closest for pickup is No. 4 Liberty Close Ajuwon. She also gives a U.S. address: 1880 W. 25th St. Apt. #2, Los Angeles, CA 90018. She indicates that Marie Johnson is her Grandmother (age 53). Pictures are used from all three accounts (aka Sophia Alice & Alice Sophia Johnson). Her attorney is David Morris, email Sent money via Western Union and she got hot so I retracted it and when the attorney info her that i retracted the Western Union before he picked it up. She monitored the transactions. Then the Money Gram sent while all area locations were being closed, then I had retracted a few hours later. Wait til she finds out in the morning the money is not there again. Hopefully all of them will be caught and justice served. Thank You...Big Thunder.
Status of report: is still without proof