SCAM REPORT ABOUT  Mitchelle Teresa Lloyd Scott

First name: Mitchelle Teresa
Last name: Lloyd Scott
Age: 36
Location: New Castle UK
Address: 241 hunter street west NSW 2302
On websites:
Report:     Mitchelle pretends to love the me but all she wants is money no matter how much I sent to get her on the plane to me so we could be together as husband and wife and always makes and excuses that she can't get on the plane and needs more money. She claims to be wealthy and uses a man in Nigeria she claims to be her filthy rich uncle to get the money her so called uncle is Barrett Wyle Lloyd he promised to God that he would get her on the plane to me when I sent the amount ask for but when I sent the money he came up with an excuse to ask for money. Then they had a man by the name Carloz Ramirez in Texas send me a counterfeit check to cash and sent it to Barrett. This check was so bad of a counterfeit that I was easy to see it was fake
Status of report: is still without proof